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Fridays at 7 PM - 8:30 PM
Dr. Asha Joshua, Annie Saji, Santhosh George
Welcome to AWANA Hicksville: a Bible-based program where you can learn God’s word, participate in sports, earn awards and be the best in your class!

AWANA Hicksville is provided free of charge to all participants.

Children ages 3 to 17 are taught God's Word in a manner that is educational, fun and inspiring.

Children from all churches as well as from non-Christian backgrounds.

We have 5 Clubs in AWANA Hicksville:
Cubbies | Ages 2 to 4
Sparks | Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
T&T | 3rd Grade to 6th Grade
Trek | 7th Grade to 8th Grade
Journey | 9th to 12th Grade

AWANA Registration form is available at:
(All parents are requested to fill the forms online and come in to sign the forms).

AWANA Schedule for 2022-2023 is posted here:
AWANA Calendar 2022-2023

Please come join us and enjoy learning God's Word